We Are A 501c3 as of Nov 2019.

Our Approach

(1) Bottom Line

There are a large, yet unknown number of Veterans and First Responders with Invisible Disorders and Injuries. 

(2) Background

 This unknown number of Military Personnel and First Responders have PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Vestibular Disorders and other Social Interaction Issues which result in reduced Social Relationships including levels of personal activity, human interaction and overall mobility. 

(3) Revelance

 Of those are over 260k Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan diagnosed with TBI's. Many of these lack Social Interaction, Personal Activity, Human Interaction, and Mobility. We Look to Build Confidence, Relationships, and Inspire a way Forward through group activities.  

(4) Information

Things that everyone of us have taken for granted can be the activity that Builds Confidence in Veterans. Examples include:

Attending Food Truck Rallies

Archery and Frisbee Golf

Day Hikes

Camping Trips

Hunting and Fishing.activities.  

(5) Our View of Success

Success for Charlie Mike is to bring a sense of normality to those who may be down on their spirits. By bringing the brotherhood and sisterhood together again it brings normalization back to the Veteran. This provides a family and belonging with the confidence to Continue the Mission. 

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